Friday, December 4, 2009

Question. Hypothetical, naturally.

Say you are writing a character. She's 36 years old. She falls in love with somebody much younger than her. He's..... 23? 24? 21? 19?

How low is too low. How young is distasteful and 'wrong'? How young would be comfortable enough for you to watch a movie and feel ok with the age gap?

Mum and I saw a film, a beautiful, mesmerizing film called Cherie starring Michelle Pfieffer. She was about 25 years older than him - and it was acceptable because she was beautiful and French.
Wouldn't cut it in downtown Melbourne though, would it?

Or would it. Can you tell me what you think, I'd like to know very much.


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  1. A boy who was interested in me said the formula for lowest appropriate age was half your age plus seven. I think I was about 36 at the time and he was 24 and a half. Don't know if that is at all helpful.