Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reading a book about Nicole.

Last night I finished reading a book that I've been stopping and starting with for a month or two.

Nicole Kidman by David Thomson.

It wasn't my favourite read. I didn't like the freestyle scribe from the author how he wrote as if he was speaking at a dinner with a few glasses of red under his belt. He kind of warbled and side-tracked and I do believe him, that he is passionate about actresses and I do believe him that he is passionate about film and he is knowledgeable, oh yes. He taught film studies at Dartmouth, you know.
But do I believe he is passionate about Nicole Kidman? Yes and no. He's certainly intrigued by her but there is both cruelty and kindness in his assessment of her. Certainly he is not blinded by her beauty to be ignorant of her faults and short comings.

I don't know Nicole Kidman personally but I don't like what I do know. I've never much liked her actually - her interviews make me cringe. I think she's an attention-seeker and a blabber mouth and she always tries to look the victim. Always. Plus she's flaky and she tells fibs about botox ;)
And yet. And yet, when I saw this book on the shelf for a bargain price of only $7.99 I snapped it up. I am intrigued by her and interested in her story - what was happening on the movies she was a part of. What was happening behind the scenes.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

"But just as Nicole seems to revel in the photo shoots that usually accompany (interviews), so she has an eagerness in interview - it's as if she's curious to see what she will say, or what will come out. Who am I this time?"

I think that's what I pick up on - that there is something untrustworthy about her, that what she says you couldn't believe. But still, such a curiosity and a fascination with why I don't like Nicole Kidman and won't go and see a film simply because she's in it. Not at first, anyway.

Anyway, I've finished the book and I'm glad. I know now yet more useless trivia about a person whom I shall never meet, have never warmed to, and will never be really able to justify why.

The End.

*Another review on this book - found it as inane and weird as I did!

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